Community Giving Projects

We operate two programs where we give our time and expertise. In exchange, we learn about projects and needs in our community. We also strengthen bonds with similarly minded people working on projects to improve the social and natural worlds. We never charge fees for community programs. 

We give our time to front-line organizations because they make Western-Eval's work meaningful, possible, and tangible. 

"Mission Evaluation"

Each year we select a small non-profit organization doing exceptional work and conduct an evaluation report on a completely sliding scale. That's right. From 0$ to whatever the organization is willing to pay. Mission Evaluation's goal is to provide catalyzing energy for social change, to strengthen an organization's confidence and ability to apply for additional funds.

Capacity Building Workshops

Annually, we offer several capacity building workshops to local non-profits working on good causes. We run these on a fully sliding scale, too. The hands-on workshops focus on preparing an organization for thoughtful program and project evaluations. Participants will network with one another, learn about approaches to program evaluation, construct measurement tools, analyzing data, and critically examine examples of program evaluations. Each workshop lasts a totally of three session spread across a month. 

Upcoming Schedule: March, 2019; April, 2019

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Capacity Building Workshops

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