Program Evaluation


With Western-Eval, say farewell to meaningless surveys and useless evaluations. Say hello to actionable results. Our niche is in providing you access to top-notch social science researchers from practitioner backgrounds who are dedicated to the evaluation profession. 

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Adult Learning and Job Training


We specialize in learning and outcome evaluation. We increase the efficiency and sharpen the focus of job training to waste less time and bring workers up to pace quickly.

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Consulting on Issues in Latino Education


Achievement gaps and low graduation rates motivate school districts to adopt policies and programs to support Latino students. Yet, the gaps persist. We consult on ways to improve learning and school climate for Latino students

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Grant and Proposal Assistance


Grants commonly require program evaluation is often required of grants. We offer insights and advice on grant and proposal writing, especially when drafting the evaluation components. We consider this a first step towards a strong collaboration.

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Program Evaluation


Improving the social world depends on social programs and good social programs use regular evaluation. Most non-profit organizations evaluate their programs to comply with grant requirements and the increasing demands of donors. Wise programs use evaluation to find out what works, why, and how to make it work better. 

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Western-Eval Difference

With years of formal education and professional experience, Western-Eval generates meaningful reports and actionable recommendations. We are trained to match the program's needs to the social science research and the right evaluation methodology. We specialize in using rigorous designs and scholarship to drive our evaluations. 


Student Retention

STEM Education

Culturally relevant evaluation

Youth voice


Quantitative and qualitative methods

Assessment systems


Our evaluation and consulting projects are nimble and customized. After an initial conversation, we use a scope of work model to outline the project and costs. 

Past projects

+ Evaluation of the pilot and second year STEM undergraduate internships (National Ecological Observatory Network).

+ Science communication summer internship (UNAVCO federal laboratory)

+ Investigation of relationship building between youth and youth workers ("I Have a Dream" Foundation).

+ Evaluation of the Roaring Forks, Colorado pre-collegiate development program (University of Colorado)

Adult Learning and Job Training


Across the nation, human resource specialists and others develop learning and on-boarding tutorials to train workers. Most of these systems can be honed in efficiency. We apply a learning and assessment lens to adult learning and training to achieve maximum efficiency without compromising quality of learning. 

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Western-Eval Difference

We are learning specialists. Through a careful analysis of the current learning environment, we aim to increase the quality and speed of the learning process. We typically work to increase the efficiency of the training process and the precision of the assessment of learning. We specialize in competency-based learning, which is the lock-step acquisition of essential skills and knowledge.

Our Approach

Our preference is to work with the people who already design and monitor the training. We identify collective goals and challenge areas and then develop solutions based on evidence gathered from within your organizations. Solutions are local and tailored to your organization


Consulting rates vary by the kind, length, and insensitivity of the project. Expect between $50 and $100 per hour for our services.

Consulting on Latino Education Issues


Across the nation, hundreds if not thousands of programs address the Caucasian/Hispanic achievement gaps. Despite their best efforts, most of the programs are modestly successful at most. Few address the culture and social context of Latinos to the extent necessary. We bring cultural sensitivity and rigorous scholarship to bear on the seemingly intractable problems facing the education of Latino students. We specialize in Latino issues in the mountain Westerns United States, including New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.

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Western-Eval Difference

The president and founder of Western-Eval is a Latino, first-generation PhD recipient. He has remained dedicated to Latino issues in education. In working with Latino families and students, we are committed to understanding and addressing the cultural context. Many of the same problems that plague other students also affect Latino students. However, it is their culture that modifies how the problems take form and what solutions will fit. This is our key insight and it makes for wiser and more useful consulting. 


K-12 education

Pre-collegiate programs

Improving classroom practices

Culturally Relevant Evaluation

Retention issues


Consulting rates vary by the kind, length, and insensitivity of the project. We use a scope of work approach to achieve full transparency of rates and project details.

Grant and Proposal Assistance


We are poised to help with your grant and proposal writing. We specialized in helping to write the program or project evaluation component.

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What we do

Cities and donors are increasingly demanding evaluation and accountability for the monies they distribute. Although it can feel tedious, the value in evaluation is creating knowledge for strategic orientation of your program goals. Evaluation work also helps the donors learn about the issues that they are working to fix or change. 

Specific services

Grant proposal editing

Sharpening of program goals through Theory of Change approaches

Literature reviews for strengthening the grant

Drafting and editing the evaluation component


Price varies depending on the level of involvement you request. Our fees are significantly lowered if you consider us as a candidate for the evaluation contract.